CHHOTI MAA’s raps and songs have roots in her grandmother’s poetic recitation, in Mexican oral tradition. She developed and healed as a new migrant through writing poetry from 1999-2001 in Dallas, Texas. She got voice training in gospel and soul in High School choir from 2002-2006 while living in Albany, Georgia. In 2007, CHHOTI MAA established herself as a rapper-singer-organizer in Richmond, VA. During this time she put out Tesis and DiasporicHipTropic. In 2011, she deepened her freestyle & lyrical skills while working and collaborating with the Hip Hop community in Trujillo, Peru. It was then that she released  SKYPELUV.  From 2011-2012 during her artist’s residency in Doha, Qatar she released El Canto del Gato Dragon. From 2013-2014 she studied Ewe music and dance with Dr. CK Ladzekpo. In 2016 she released her fifth musical project AGUACORRE.

CHHOTI MAA’s music deals with decolonial living, migrant swag and reconstructing the womyn temple. CHHOTI MAA has performed and given workshops in Puerto Rico, China, Spain, Qatar, U.A.E., Ghana, Peru, Mexico and in the U.S. in festivals, conferences, house shows, community spaces, museums, galleries, schools, universities and of course in the streets.

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