(anhelo) siempre encontramos la luz

a miniature mediation of the memory of a half open window of a pahar ganj delhi hostal (oil on wood panel, 4"x4", berkeley, usa)

blood memory

callejones y leyendas de mis tatas con naguas y secretos guardaditos


two cousins, a little one carries the smallest, both of them enchanted by the princess syndrome and marianismo masks upon masks upon flesh upon bones (oil and acrylic on wood cross shaped panel, richmond, va, usa)


those early days in texas wearing cheap blue eye shadow, haging out with sandra on the phone talkin smack until mom hung up on her and dragged me by la greña left over dregs on the google search, pixalated latinas with eyebrows that defy gravity   ...

glitch series (qatar)

miniature oil series done in the VCUQ Artist Residency in Doha, Qatar based on skype glitch screen shots  


miniature meditation of a cousin in china via skypeglitching (oil on canvas, 4"x4", doha, qatar)  

patio taller series

This series was completed in El Residencial in Patio Taller (acrylic and gouache on board, 4"x4", carolina, puerto rico) painted, drawn, sewn map of Patio Taller's plants in collaboration with artist Jomary Ortega (acrylic, gouache...