art & english class - MAC: Doha, Qatar

While doing a residency in VCU Qatar, in Doha, Qatar. I facilitated a 5 week english and art workshop for a group of Nepali and Indian workers working for Msheireb Properties. Here is an illustrated text produced by Ben Barbour artist and director o...

mural graffiti project, El Porvenir, Peru

while working for SKIP in el porvernir, i taught a mural design class in which two groups of middle school children learned to make stencils and to make wheat-paste graffiti.  

_Migrant Counter Archive (2012-2014)

_Migrant Counter Archive  was born  with the support of thirteen friends who responded to the call for participation by lending an object and a story related to migration in their lives. Thank you Nadia, Marco, Linda, Beto, Vivean, Dominga, Andremar, Na...