_Migrant Counter Archive (2012-2014)

_Migrant Counter Archive was born with the support of thirteen friends who responded to the call for participation by lending an object and a story related to migration in their lives. Thank you Nadia, Marco, Linda, Beto, Vivean, Dominga, Andremar, Natalie, Alejandro, Verenice, Carmyn, Paula & families


Medium & Dimensions

  • 2-year palimpsest: 4 Dry walls, marker, paper, acrylic paint, memory, news, chisme, chalk, clay
    • Height 8 x 16 Width feet
  • Alt(ar)chive: Oral and physical offerings, wethand, wood pallet, metal, wood and clothe drawers, teacher plants: rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, trinitaria, limes, 3 oil on wood 8×8’’ paintings
    • Height 6 x 9.5 Width feet
  • ‘pa Chupícuaro : Ceramic figurine, museum postcards, personal pictures, sleeping Mexican plastic effigy-gift, metal drawers
    • Height 2.2 x 1 Width feet